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To my Mom,
With love always.

My Best friend.
My Mom passed away
Jan. 22, 2005
Her memory will live within me and those who knew and loved her forever. 
I love you Mom.
There will never be a day that goes by without your love in my heart. 
You will always be the twinkle in the eyes of each doll I create.  Your love will always shine.
I miss you so.
My incredible Mom,

Was the kindest person I knew, with a heart of pure gold.

She would say, "anyone can say anything they want about me, but don't them dare say a word about my kids"! And she meant what she said. She and Dad brought four children into this world and in turn they left this world knowing they taught each of us to be who we are today.

Mom was:

Always giving.

Always caring about everyone else's needs before her own.

Always there to give advise, even if you did not want to hear it! But she always seemed to be right in the end.

Always supportive with all and oh so many ideas I would come up with. She would shake her head at times, but then she would say to me, "you are always thinking of something to create, where does it all come from"?

Talk about creative.

Mom always would make sure to create her wonderful cards for those she loved at those special moments in their lives.

Months before anyone's birthday she would have all ready made a wonderful card to send and three others for me to choose from. Then she would address the envelope and make sure it had a stamp on it for me. She lovingly made each of us a memory book of her and Dad's life with us. It was so beautifully done, like all she would do, perfect. always perfect.

Mom, Mom, Mom, you gave so much to everyone you knew. You and only you made the best flannel PJ's in the world. I stock piled some that she made me and when she would ask why are you not wearing them, I would tell her I wanted to save them for anther time. She would tell me not to worry, she would hang around to make more. I am glad I saved them.

When the grandchildren were little Mom would love creating their Halloween costumes. They were elaborate costumes that even on a vacation to Disney, the characters themselves asked, "who made your costumes", the grandchildren would all say at one time, "Grandma"! How proud they were to wear them and how happy Mom would be to make them feel so special in her labors of love.

The pleasure I would get by surprising her with little gifts was incredible. She would shake her head and tell me to quit spending my money, but I could see how her eyes would twinkle. Just like all of us, she enjoyed being surprised.

Her biggest daily surprise was learning what Ed would be making for dinner when he would arrive home and then once again she would let him know if it was a keeper. She loved his cooking and enjoyed each and every bit he made for her. Ed and Mom had a special relationship and she would joke with him and he with her. He loved to make her laugh and that he did often.

Always my support person.

Always listening to my thoughts and feelings.

Always making me feel like I was able to conquer the world.

ALways telling me how much she loved all of us and how lucky she was to have her family's love.

Always and always arguing who was going to pay, be it lunch or what ever, she would try and get the money first or say "I'm paying first", but I rarely let her win! Our famous words to each other were, "I said it first"! I once had to put in writting that I would allow her to pay for the next lunch out.

ALways enjoying each and every movie we went to. And then would many times critique the popcorn instead of the movie. Some great others just okay, but the most important part was just sharing those special times together.

Always laughing about something. I will never forget a friend of mine who called me one day to say she saw Mom and I in town and just had to tell me how jealous she was when she saw the two of us laughing so hard together. She wished she would have her Mom close to do that with. Now her wish came true, her Mom lives at her home. Now I want to tell her how jealous I am!

Always being my friend. One I could share my thoughts with and have an endless number of girl talks.

Always reading the book I was suppose to, but never did read for a bookclub, and telling me all about it! Mom would tell me if she liked it and if she thought I would like it. It was our standing joke, one book a month, it was like her reading assignment that she really loved to do. I never knew anyone who loved to read like my Mom. She was so well versed with so many different authors. She would actually keep a journal in order to remember all she read and also give each book a grade. A thru F.

I remember the first and unfortunately the only book signing that I took her to. She was in the wheel chair at that time, but you can picture her sweet little hands holding that special book at the time so tightly and when the author signed her book, she was thrilled. She shared that moment for days with everyone who called. What it did for me was incredible. Just to make Mom smile, what a treat it was.

Mom loved having a good time. And we did have so many great times together. The memories are endless. So many to relish in.

She would say, it is a bitch getting old. I had to agree with her. It was not easy. I am just happy that she knew she was my best friend and I would have done anything for her, just as she would have done for me. The last year she would thank me all the time until I finally would say to her a million times in one day, thanks Mom, thanks Mom, thanks......she would always have to say, "thanks for what", I told her, Just Thank you for being you, my friend, my Mom, my kindred spirit, my support, my, my, my......she finally thank you was necessary. We knew exactly how we felt about each other and how grateful we were to be together.

So Mom, I am trying to get on with my life. A life without you is not easy. I knew this would be before you left, but now it is reality and you are right, it is a bitch getting old. I am just so happy to know you are always with me. Always in my heart and always in my soul.  Always, always and forever. Having the world know about you in the recent article that was published makes my heart feel so good. I can see you smiling the way you would and that twinkle that in had in your eyes and giving me the "thumbs up".

I love you. And thank you for all you have given to me and all you gave to everyone in your life. How lucky we are. We have you in our hearts and so many incredible memories to share for all the years to come.


In her memory this Rabbi was made and dedicated to our local synagogue.

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