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Wonderful Links to visit:

Jessica Shayne Magid Golf Tournament  August 1st. 2005
Register and meet for a wonderful charity event in Chicago.

Dollery at Merry Christmas Shoppe
785 Bedford Street
Whitman, Ma 02382
800-447-3655 (ext 0) out of state
781-447-6677 (ext 0) in Ma - Over 10,000 dolls on their site!

Mann Gallery  (wonderful gallery of artist dolls)

Masterpiece Eye Company, Inc.
(Masterpiece has a reputation for producing the most beautiful and
realistic eyes for dolls, mannequins and special effects.  I use them in most of my one-of-a-kind creations and they are wonderful)!

Doll Artist Sites

Silvia Rotterīs Puppenseiten

Larry Bardell  -  Original art dolls

Johnston Original Art Dolls

Angels Unawares

Beth Cameron Figurative Sculpture

Roberta's Gallery of Polymer Clay Art

The Official Paul Crees Collection

Mountain elves

Artist Originals by Karen Alderson (Blanford

Ethel Loh Strickarz  Doll art

Marilyn Radzat

Lyn's own little world creations

Judi Maddigan's Push Molds for Polymer Clay

Marlaine Verhelst - One of a kind porcelain dolls

June Goodnow, NIADA Doll Sculptures

Linda Land Original Dolls

Pauline Middleton Original Dolls

Mere Whimsey Creative Expressions - Beth Thomas

Sculpted Figures and Authentic Automata

Original Doll Art by Maria Saracino

Original Cloth Dolls by Penny Mason

Jane Covington's, CLOUD NINE DOLLS

Mixed Media Art by Rebecca Schumacher

Creager Studio (Jodi and Richard Creager)   

Northwest Naturals - miniature elves and fairies

Antonette Cely - dolls

Martha and Marianne  one of a kind  original sculptures
                                  - art dolls by Teri

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