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Sculpting with

Online classes are now available.

Have a peek at the wonderful Santas that have been created by one of my many students that have taken my online class.
By clicking on Santas above!

New classes
Starting each month.

Sign up today for a  eight  week online sculpting class with doll artist:
Audrey Swarz
(Eight weeks is offered as a holiday special, most classes are a total of four weeks.)

For more information contact Audrey:

All those who will be joining a class need to sign up right away, in order to receive class supplies
before start date.

Thank you!

A special thank you to my friend Holly.  She has collected many Christmas pieces of mine  through Fantastic Fantasies and the Merry Christmas Shoppe and shared this photo with me.  Visit her website you are in for a real treat when you see Holly's incredible creations, she is a wonderful artist.

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