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"Watchful Eye"





Even Santa needs a rest, and this little elf is happy to assist Santa, and make sure no one wakes him. Santa and his helper are sculpted from Prosculpt.  Glass Masterpiece eyes, angora mohair for bearding and hair. This piece measures 25 and 1/2 inches talls by 16 inches wide. Santa is dressed in rich red silk velvet pants, vest and slippers.  His shirting is created from antique petticoat fabric.  The imported fabrics used for Santa's helper make this Christmas scene come to life.  His leather apron holds miniature crayons, which he used to make the sign attached to Santa's leg, "ssssh, Santa is sleeping"! Santa can never fall totally asleep, that is why he must have one eye open, and keep watch that all is complete for Christmas day.




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