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Angie was just finished in time, to bring peace throughout  the world, for the upcoming new year. Sculpted from Cernit (polymer clay).  Her eyes are green glass Masterpiece.  Her dark red hair is angora mohair.  The clothing she wears was created from antique fabrics and lace.  Her wings are made from feathers.  The halo she wears is made from the same antique lace and covered with tiny white beads. The globe is 24K gold plated with Austrian Crystals . Angie measures 22 and 1/2 inches in her sitting position.
The total size of this piece is 24 inches, Angie is sitting on top of her pedestal.
Angie's wing span is 12 and 1/2 inches.The shoes she is wearing are made from the same antique fabrics. Pictures just do not do this little angel justice.  She is truly a special piece.


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